Café Racer, an iconic Seattle business, is up for sale.

Owner Kurt Geissel wrote in a release Tuesday he put the café on the market because time constraints didn’t allow him to invest fully in the operations.

“Increasing concerns with family, responsibilities in my full-time ‘second’ job and the desire to do other things contributed to this decision,” Geissel wrote. “I love this amazing and iconic place and want to see it keep living and thriving but I can no longer devote the time and attention the café requires.”

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Café Racer, which was under Geissel’s ownership for 12 years, doubles as a music venue and meeting space for artists, writers, and community groups. Geissel hopes whoever buys the café will keep running it “in the same manner” he has.

The café will stay open until it sells.

Café Racer is also the site of a 2012 mass shooting where a gunman killed four people and later a fifth when he fled. Although a dark piece of Café Racer’s history, it was also a turning point, Geissel said.

“I never really knew what Café Racer meant to people until after the tragic shooting,” Geissel wrote. “The outpouring of love and support from the community was amazing and the fact that we, as a community were able to come back from it shows that there is a need for places like Café Racer in the world.”

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Geissel wrote that owning the café was the high point of his life, especially getting to interact with talented community members.

“I have been enriched beyond my dreams, and I would be lying if didn’t admit that I have taken great pleasure in providing the space for it to happen,” Geissel wrote.