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5 things to know this weekend

First Candida auris fungal case; North Seattle dig site; Emergency planning in Thurston County; Encampment fire details revealed; Kevin Durant on NBA in Seattle.


WA hospitals taking precautions after first Candida auris fungal case confirmed in patient

Hospitals in Washington are taking precautions after the first case of the highly drug-resistant fungus known as Candida auris, was confirmed in Washington state.

Candida auris, commonly known as C. auris, is a type of yeast that is generally not a problem for healthy people, but can be dangerous, even deadly, for people with underlying conditions.

The fungus has spread in alarming levels at hospital settings across the U.S. 

This month, Washington saw its first case. Read more

Archeological dig revealing Japanese American history in north Seattle

An archeological dig in north Seattle is hoping to reclaim a lost piece of Japanese American history.

Researchers with Edmonds College and Seattle colleges are working to relocate a pre-World War II community center that is on the site of North Seattle College in hopes of learning more about the Japanese American community before the war. The artifacts uncovered will eventually be housed at the Burke Museum.

“It sort of got lost, and we’re bringing it back into current memory,” said Alicia Valentino, an associate faculty member with Edmonds College.

So far, researchers have found a debris layer, which they believe is evidence of a community center structure. Read more

What natural disaster do you fear? Thurston County emergency planners want to know

Along with thrill rides and fried food, visitors to the Thurston County Fair can get a dose of emergency preparedness.

The Thurston County Regional Planning Council is reworking the region’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and bought a table at the fair to get public feedback.

“Are you concerned about wildfires? What if there’s a major earthquake?” said Thurston County Hazard Mitigation and Recovery Coordinator, Emily Schoendorf. Read more

Details behind massive I-5 encampment explosion, fires in Seattle revealed

New details have emerged from a large explosion in Seattle near Harborview Medical Center (HMC) last week at a homeless encampment.

According to a police report, Seattle police and fire officials responded to the scene west of the Harborview Medical Center next to Interstate 5 just before 5:30 a.m. on July 21. Officers observed people fleeing from an encampment yelling that there were bombs going off and live ammunition that could explode. Read more

Kevin Durant says 'ideal spot' to potentially own NBA franchise would be in Seattle

Kevin Durant began his professional basketball career in Seattle and would like to one day be responsible in part for bringing the NBA back to the Emerald City.

While speaking at a CNBC event co-hosted by his media company "Boardroom," Durant spoke about his NBA ownership aspirations with Andrew Ross Sorkin.  Rumors about Seattle being an NBA expansion city target continue to percolate, and Durant said he would be thrilled to own that new franchise.

"That would be cool for sure," Durant said on CNBC. "I mean in a perfect world, but I can't be, whatever opportunity comes up, hopefully, I can be part of something special. But, yeah, Seattle would be the ideal spot. They deserve to have a team there again and I would love to be a part of the NBA in that fashion." Read more

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