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5 things to know Thursday

Submersible debris; High gas prices; Costco membership crackdown; Businesses must accept cash in unincorporated King County; Beach reopens.


US Coast Guard says 'presumed human remains' found in wreckage of Titan submersible

The U.S. Coast Guard said it has likely recovered human remains from the wreckage of the Titan submersible and is bringing the evidence back to the United States. 

The submersible imploded last week, killing all five people on board. The vessel was on a voyage to see the wreck of the Titanic.

The return of the Titan debris to port in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on Wednesday is a key piece of the investigation into why the submersible imploded. Twisted chunks of the 22-foot submersible were unloaded at a Canadian Coast Guard pier. Read more

Here's why Washington state has the most expensive gas in the U.S.

The average gallon of gasoline in Washington state is nearly $5, making it the highest price in the United States.

According to AAA, Washington state's average gas price is $4.98 for a gallon of unleaded fuel, up from $4.61 one month ago. California has the second-most expensive gas in the United States, with an average of $4.83 for a gallon of unleaded fuel. 

During this time, however, the cost of crude oil is relatively unchanged. So what's to blame for such high prices? Read more

Costco aims to stop membership card sharing: 'We don’t feel it’s right'

Costco is getting stricter about enforcing its membership rules after seeing more non-members using membership cards that don't belong to them at self-checkouts.

The wholesale club's policy requires shoppers to have a paid membership to shop there, and they must show their membership cards when entering the warehouse and scan them when checking out.  Read more

Businesses in unincorporated King County must accept cash

Businesses in unincorporated King County will be required to accept cash for certain transactions after the King County Council passed an ordinance Tuesday.

The ordinance, which passed 5-4, mandates that businesses cannot charge higher prices for customers who choose to use cash.

There are exceptions, such as transactions not in person or businesses that offer machines to transfer cash into a prepaid debit card. Retailers will not be required to accept bills over $20 or more than $200 in a single transaction. Read more

Juanita Beach swimming area reopens after high bacteria levels forced closure

Juanita Beach Park reopened to water activities on Wednesday, after high bacterial levels caused the park to be closed for nearly a week.

Public Health – Seattle & King County recommended that Juanita Beach Park should be reopened for swimming, wading and other water activities after tests on Monday revealed the water was safe for recreational use. The Kirkland park was closed for six days after high bacterial levels were detected on June 22 and officials determined swimming was not safe at the beach.

City lifeguards were on-site at Juanita Beach Park beginning at noon on Wednesday. Read more

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