An iconic Seattle restaurant open 24-7 is up and running in its new home. 13 Coins reopened in Pioneer Square early Saturday morning.

The original Seattle location on Boren closed last month after 50 years. The new location is now on South King Street.

The restaurant had stood at its Boren location since being built in 1967 and has hosted generations of Seattleites. Known for its iconic high booths and captains chairs overlooking the galley kitchen, 13 Coins has become a tradition that has lasted through the years.

Named after a Peruvian fable about a poor young man who hoped to marry a wealthy girl but only had 13 coins for her dowry - the brand has come to symbolize commitment and care. It's become home to hipsters and longtime regulars alike offering quality food 24/7.

The property at the Boren Ave location was sold two years ago, and the restaurant was forced to look for a new site. Now the iconic restaurant is in one of the most historic parts of town.

The supper club's new location has two levels and merges their classic style with a touch of technology.