A soon-to-be husband and wife nearly missed their own wedding in Seattle until social media, and even a few celebrities, came to their aid.

Gus and Jessie live in California, but planned to get married this Friday at Rattlesnake Ledge near North Bend. They wanted a small, private ceremony in a picturesque location, with only their officiant and a videographer present.

With the date set, the couple began their wedding adventure with a road trip taken over the last week. They planned to drive their Jeep, tow their newly renovated trailer behind it, and make visits to Yosemite and other parts of the country before eventually ending up in Seattle just in time for their wedding.

The road trip hit a roadblock somewhere in Nevada, when the Jeep broke down.

Then, they learned the repairs would not only be expensive, but would take a week to complete. The timeline was less than ideal since their wedding in Seattle was just days away.

Jessie wrote about the dilemma on Facebook and Instagram asking friends for advice. From there the power of social media took over.

A Facebook friend created a gofundme page page that raised several thousand dollars in just a few hours and apparently caught the eye of actress Sophia Bush.

Bush shared their story to her 2.5 million Instagram followers, tagging Audi and several rental car companies in the post.

"Who wants to be a hero and help these about-to-be-newlyweds?" Bush wrote.

Actress Kate Walsh then shared Bush's post to her 591,000 Instagram followers.

"Feels like a good #internetweddingpresent," Walsh wrote.

By the next day Audi stepped up to the plate, loaning a brand new SUV to Gus and Jessie so they could make it to Seattle in time for their wedding, trailer in tow.

The couple told KING 5 they are in disbelief over the way their story spread so quickly on social media. They said they are touched by the generosity of so many strangers and cannot say thank you enough.

Gus and Jessie are expected to arrive in the Seattle area on Thursday evening.Photo credit: Gus Renaud and and Jessie Caballero