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Seattle School for Boys helps feed people living in tiny home community

When the students' project to build a tiny home for a person in need got canceled, they looked for another way to help the people sheltered in TC Spirit Village.

SEATTLE — Students at the Seattle School for Boys were in the process of building a tiny home for someone in need, when the pandemic put a stop to their plans. 

Shifting gears, the school community came up with another way to keep their project alive. 

Although students put their in-person classes on hold, the life lessons continued. 

"What can we do to get them to kind of reach out for themselves in their own bubble, you know, making Zoom calls, reaching out and touching their family calling friends, and for the reason in telling them why and that they're doing that to support people in need. It kind of wakes us all up," said Kendall McBride, who is the parent of a student at Seattle School for Boys. 

Kendall and Nellie McBride, along with the other parents started a week-long fundraiser. Students were given a challenge and family members gave them donations once they completed the challenge. 

"For all of us at home all the time these days finding ways to make it fun is, you know, sometimes challenging so we wanted to make a little competitive, a little fun and also make sure that we were supporting the community," said Nellie McBride. 

The money was then used to hire chefs based in Seattle's Central District, to cool meals for people living in the T.C. Spirit Village tiny home community, which was built for people currently living unsheltered. 

Over a week's time, students raised well over $2,000, paying for more than 90 meals. 

"To be able to collaborate and work together in moments like these really, I think touches the essence of what education is about," said Jerome Hunter, co-founder of the Seattle School for Boys. 

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