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Seattle preschool allows moms and kids to work side-by-side

A Seattle organization is trying to help moms get their work done and get time with their kids.

Many working mothers will tell you that finding affordable child care is tough, especially in big cities like Seattle. It’s even tougher when a parent works part-time or has an irregular work schedule.

A Seattle organization is trying to help moms get their work done and get time with their kids. Women’s Business Incubator is a coworking space that has drop-in childcare with a preschool teacher.

The Incubator uses the lower level at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church near Green Lake. Some members are saying it’s a groundbreaking way to support women as they grow their businesses and their families.

“We just get a lot of positive responses mostly being like ‘finally someone has read my mind” Board Member, Marlene Mejia Weiss explained.

Parents who work freelance jobs, like June Ivers, say it's hard when your life doesn't fit neatly in one box. “You work or you don’t work, you’re a stay-at-home parent or you work full-time, and there's not flexibility between the two,” Ivers said.

The coworking space features a room where the little ones and moms can work and play side-by-side. There are additional rooms away from the kids where moms can focus on work while the kids spend time in a classroom or outside with a teacher.

The program is significantly cheaper than traditional childcare and the group encourages members to network. They offer resources for moms who are trying to reenter the workforce after having children.

The Incubator has only been open for a few months and they would like to expand. The goal is to put locations in other parts of Seattle and add hours giving more women the flexibility they desperately need to nurture their children and the dreams.

Find more information on the Women’s Business Incubator here.