SEATTLE - Seattle Police are gearing up in preparation for Sunday's May Day activities.

The El Comité May Day March for Worker and Immigrant Rights will be a large focus for city crews, working to navigate traffic and escort marchers along their route.

The rally will leave Judkins Park - at 20th Avenue South and South Dearborn Street - at 3 p.m. and move toward the Federal Courthouse. Police plan to maintain a significant presence along the route throughout the duration of the permitted event.

This map details their route:

Drivers should expect a rolling slowdown and heavy traffic in the area as the procession moves through surface streets.

There is also a permitted concert, the Solidarity Music Festival scheduled at Westlake Park from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Police expect activity in the evening from anti-capitalist groups similar to recent years.

Assistant Chief Steve Wilske says, "If you're peaceful we're here to help you. Our job is to help you if you're peaceful and you want to express your first amendment free speech rights about any subject we're here to help you. But the key word is peaceful. That means no violence against the officers or other people and no attempts to damage other people's property."

Wilske did not provide specific tactics for violence, but cautioned there would be no tolerance for violence against people or property damage.

Seattle Police have also released overtime cost figures from May Day operations for past years:

  • 2012 – $115, 309
  • 2013 – $192, 459
  • 2014 – $305, 448
  • 2015 – $410, 854

KING 5 will provide continuous coverage of May Day activities throughout the weekend on air and on the web.