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Seattle plans to ditch parking stickers

A new payment system is on the way for Seattle. Soon drivers could use a "pay by plate" system instead of placing stickers on the inside of the car window.

Sticking parking tags on the inside of your car window will soon be a thing of the past for Seattle drivers. Instead, the city wants to convert its 1,700 pay stations to operate a new "pay by plate" system.

The new operating system allows drivers to input their license plate or parking space number, choose the amount of time desired and pay with a credit card.

The Seattle City Council still has to approve changes to the Seattle Municipal Code to allow such upgrades to the paid parking program. Outdated language does not match current metered operations or allow for future changes.

A bill updating the code is up for a vote Monday afternoon.

If approved, the Seattle Department of Transportation will spend August through December of this year converting all 1,700 pay stations.

Another big sticker shock: drivers will no longer be able to park in a new spot if there is time remaining. Under the current sticker system, drivers could re-park their vehicle if they had time extra time on their sticker.