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Seattle mayor's $5.9 billion budget would pay for 40 additional police officers

The Seattle Police Department would get a boost under Mayor Jenny Durkan's $5.9 billion proposed budget that was revealed Monday.

The Seattle Police Department would get a boost under Mayor Jenny Durkan's $5.9 billion proposed two-year budget that was revealed Monday.

Mayor Durkan wants to add 40 officers to the department by the end of 2020. That would be in addition to 2018 staffing levels.

The department has grown by approximately 100 officers since 2014.

An additional 12 community service officers, including two supervisors, would be funded as well.

There would be additional money set aside for Seattle Fire, adding funding for 35 additional recruits in 2019 and 2020. And a new Vault Response Team would be funded so the fire department and Seattle City Light could "have a unified approach to effectively fight fires in underground electrical vaults.

$65 million for contract agreement

Seattle police officers would receive $65 million in retroactive salary payments under Mayor Durkan's budget.

The proposed budget includes, in reserves, the funding needed to meet the commitment under the tentative contract agreement with the Seattle Police Officer's Guild. Payments would go back through 2015. The budget also includes the money for raises through 2020.

"It's important to me," Durkan said, noting officers have gone without a raise or cost of living adjustment since 2014.

Homeless funding

Mayor Durkan is proposing $89.5 million to spend on the city's homelessness crisis.

For 2018, the city's amended budget for homelessness and housing was $86.7.

The money sustains the city's current programs, continues existing programs that received one-time funding in the 2018 budget, and adds several more, including neighborhood outreach services.

The city's Navigation Team, which includes a mix of police officers and outreach workers, would be expanded. The budget would also fund additional case management at tiny home villages, and wage increases service workers.


There would be a significant increase in transportation investments under Durkan's budget.

She is proposing $609 million at the Seattle Department of Transportation, an increase of $128.3 million above 2018 levels.

The budget focuses on three priorities:

  • Investments in transit, walking, and biking, and managing congestion in downtown
  • $101.6 million for maintaining existing streets, sidewalks, bridges, and other infrastructure
  • $3.7 million to support the mobility of downtown

Durkan's budget would bring a 30 increase in Metro service over two years.

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