While Seattle’s median home price is $695,000 according to Zillow, there’s one home for sale that’s just a fraction of that.

Perry Nazareth put up a Facebook Marketplace listing for the five-bedroom home he and his sisters grew up in for $10,000, but there’s a stipulation.

“You pick it up. You move it,” he said. “This idea was my sister’s because she didn’t want to the see the house we grew up in get torn down. I said, 'I’ll tell you what, I’ll put it for $10,000. If somebody wants it, it’s theirs.'”

For Nazareth and his sisters, it’s not about the money. His family wants to sell the corner lot to a buyer who’ll build a single family home.

Nazareth believes the deal will save the buyer big money, even after they likely need to drop six figures to move it.

“The conditions you put on it, you say, ‘Look, I’ll sell you this house, I want you to build a family home,’” he said. “We’re trying to get the house off the lot, get someone interested in building a similar family home rather than a duplex or a triplex or a condo or something like that.”

Nazareth said he’s heard from interested buyers, but not many who fit his personal criteria.

“I try to weed out the real estate people and the developers because they’re the ones who are calling the most,” he continued. “I maybe had one person who was interested and thinking, ‘I like the idea. The fact that you’re not going to put this in the landfill, you’re going to have somebody move it somewhere so they can live in it and somebody builds in a new family home.'”