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Seattle comic convention celebrates the female geek

'GeekGirlCon' is a convention in Seattle celebrating women in science, tech, gaming, and comics.

A convention celebrating all things geek is happening this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center, but there's a twist.

For eight years, GeekGirlCon has put the spotlight on female legacies in comics, gaming, science, and math.

"There's still this perception that women are in the minority and one of the things we want to do is show that that's not true. Women are just as valid fans of video games, just as valid as scientists," said Sharon Magliano Feliciano, the president of the board of directors at GeekGirlCon.

The convention features panelists, booths, games, and speakers, focusing on women in the typically perceived male-dominated comic world.

"People feel like they can be here and celebrate who they truly are and who they truly like without getting judgment," said Magliano Feliciano.

GeekGirlCon continues Sunday at the conference center at the Washington State Convention Center.

Tickets can either be purchased at the door, or online by clicking here.

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