Kristin Johnson is an inspiration to really everyone. This mother in Seattle was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1986, and after being cancer free several years she was diagnosed with cancer once again in 1997. The 1997 diagnosis was stage four, and she’s lived with it for 19 years.

“And my deal with god was please god, just get my boys through high school. But I now am on year 19. I was diagnosed stage 4 in 1997 and last week, two weeks ago I just started my 18th different treatment,” Johnson said.

When she was diagnosed in 1997 she was given 18 months to two years to live. She’s defied the odds.

Despite her incredible success living with one of the toughest cancers to beat, Johnson has still needed tons of support along the way. That’s why Cancer Pathways of Seattle was so helpful to her.

“They were so kind to me and they sat down and talked to me and I just felt like I had found a home,” Johnson added.

Johnson has been a recipient of their many services that include everything from cancer education to support groups.

“When you have cancer you are with your doctor for a few minutes, you are with your nurses when you have chemo for a while, but you have questions 24/7 and so for me, the support groups that I went to there were just as important as doctors and nurses,” Johnson said. “Other people, are, your friends and family, they are there for you, but they don’t speak the same language, but when you’re around other people like you are, there’s so much you cannot even say and they know and so much advice you get.”

Johnson’s family knows the struggle all too well. Her brother, sister, father, and grandmother all had cancer. She wants people to know that the resources offered by Cancer Pathways can help family members who are affected as well.

“It’s free and it’s for anyone touched by cancer. So your grandma can have it in Indiana and you can go into Cancer Pathway’s here,” Johnson said. “It’s a warm welcoming place.”

If you are interested in learning more you can information on their website at