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Seattle businesses step up to help federal workers during government shutdown

Bait Shop and Yoga Smith are among the Seattle businesses offering freebies to federal workers during the government shutdown.

The government shutdown is inspiring a new promotion at Bait Shop on Capitol Hill, one aimed at helping furloughed government workers.

Co-owner Jonah Bergman said a Pabst representative came to him with a program called 'Pay It Furloughed.' 

"We are kind of hopping on that and giving some beers back to government employees who are out of work right now," said Bergman.

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Through a website, people donated thousands of beers around the country. On Thursday, government workers were able to claim a donated beer by showing proof that they are a federal employee.

"Going from being gainfully employed to having to go to the food bank over this is completely insane to me," said Bergman, who wanted to help because he knows thousands of families are feeling the impact. 

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Yoga Smith owner Joel Benjamin wanted to do something too. He is offering free classes for federal employees who are not receiving paychecks.

"It is not going to help them pay their rent. It is not going to help them put food on the table, but it is going to help them manage the stress that the federal shutdown has caused in their lives," said Benjamin.

Credit: KING 5

Benjamin plans to keep his offer going until the government reopens.

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