You've likely experienced the growth first-hand at Sea-Tac Airport. The airport is on track to see its busiest year -- already ahead 10-percent more than last year, which was also a record-breaking year.

In 2015, Sea-Tac saw roughly 43 million passengers. Last year, the airport saw a 13-percent increase in passengers than 2014, which was also a record year.

There are a lot of factors that could be impacting travel. Jet fuel is at its lowest cost since 2010. More people are flying in and out of the Pacific Northwest for business and leisure. Competition between major airlines like Delta and Alaska Airlines has been driving down ticket prices and adding new flights. Airlines like Spirit, Volaris and Xiamen have also added or are adding flights to Sea-Tac.

That may mean bigger crowds but there is a silver lining.

"That's a great thing for consumers," says Brian DeRoy, Sea-Tac communications officer. "You have a couple major airlines in this airport trying to stake out territory and that means the consumer wins."

Sea-Tac has also responded with more staffers. It's hired more people to do customer service-related jobs to help travelers through security. It's also hired more people to answer questions and help travelers navigate through the airport itself. Those staffers are wearing white or teal shirts.

In the next five years of so, there will also be major work on the airport infrastructure to re-do the Alaska Airlines north satellite facility. A new international arrivals facility will also be added to the south satellite, which will also help add more international flights to the airport.