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Scared baby deer rescued by mama on Port Orchard road

Jessie Larson was on her way to work in Port Orchard when she saw a mama deer and her baby in the middle of the road.
A frightened baby deer was rescued on the road by its mother in Port Orchard, Wash. (Photo from video by Jessie Larson)

A Bremerton commuter spotted a heartwarming sight on her Thursday morning commute: a mama deer and her baby on the road.

Jessie Larson had dropped her daughter off at a daycare in Port Orchard and was on her way to work when she spotted the doe and fawn in the middle of the road off Baby Doll Road.

She said she pulled up quietly in her car behind them to watch.

"Then they saw the car. Mama ran off into the bushes, but baby just dropped (on the road)," said Larson. "Their instinct is to hide in the bushes, but (the baby deer) didn't realize it was in the middle of the road."

Larson said she honked her horn and flashed her lights, but the baby deer didn't budge. Eventually, she said the mama deer came back. It walked over to the fawn, helped the baby deer get on its feet, and both walked off into some bushes.

"They were kinda watching me," said Larson, who thinks the fawn is just a few days old.

Larson managed to capture the two on video, which she shared on the Secret Bremerton Facebook page.

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