OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state Supreme Court has ruled that $100,000-a-day sanctions should continue against Washington state while a taskforce continues its work to determine how the state will comply with a court order to fully fund the state's basic education system.

Fines have amounted to $42,000,000 as of Thursday.

The 8-1 ruling was issued Thursday. The majority wrote that once the state files a report on actions taken to remedy the funding issues after the next biennial budget is signed by the governor, it will determine whether additional actions need to be taken.

“The court today affirmed the urgency of finishing the final task this upcoming session by addressing educator compensation. A task force has been taking a deep dive into these very complex issues. The information they gather is crucial as we make choices that will likely have profound impacts on our education system for decades to come. None of us should view this challenge as solely a court-mandated compliance maneuver. We need to focus on the real-world, classroom-level impacts of how we improve pay for educators. I am confident that we will get this job done on time and in a way that results in lasting positive changes for our students," Gov. Jay Inslee said in a released statement.

The court previously found the state in contempt in 2014 for its lack of progress on its 2012 ruling, and last year imposed the sanctions that have been accumulating for more than a year and which are supposed to be set aside into a separate education account.

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