PORT ANGELES -- It's a sort of hide-and-seek being played across the Olympic Peninsula. Artistic treasures painted on canvases of stone are tucked under bushes and stashed behind streetlights, waiting to be discovered.

It started about six months ago when Aisha Lesh and some friends started painting rocks and leaving them around town. On the back, they put “Port Angeles Rocks” and the Facebook logo, asking people to post pictures of the stones.

There are now about 2500 members of that group with rocks being spread all over the Olympic Peninsula and now as far as Europe.

“I know they've made it overseas,” said Aisha. “My mom is bringing some to Spain and France this month.”

Once the rocks are painted, the artists, both amateur and professional, hide them for random folks to find. It’s kind of a never ending Easter egg hunt.

When you do find a rock you can leave it, keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find. The people of Port Angeles say the stones are a sort of building block for community.

“You walk through town and you hear someone say they're going to get some rocks to paint, and you think, that's funny. I'm going the same way,” said Deb Petty. “I’ve never heard so many people talking about the same thing here.”

The rock project is such a gem, people as far as the East Coast are starting their own groups. For Aisha, that is perhaps the greatest treasure coming from these precious stones.

“It’s random kindness, spreading some love. The more positivity there is out there, the less bad stuff there is,” she said. “Hopefully people learn to be kind.”