A woman who was seeking a sexual assault restraining order against King County Sheriff John Urquhart has dropped her request until she can obtain more evidence.

“For the most part KCSO has refused to provide public disclosure documents that I’ve requested thus far,” said the woman. “So I’m waiting for investigative materials and working with my attorney instead of proceeding haphazardly with the order. John has one of the most expensive and well known defense lawyers in Seattle, I feel like the system is already stacked against me in this matter.”

The former deputy, who once accused Urquhart of rape in 2003, also accused the sheriff of sharing her personal medical information with members of the media and other outside parties.

Urquhart denies both charges and federal and local authorities found the rape allegation to be unfounded.

Both sides agreed to drop the matter, and the court hearing scheduled for next week is cancelled.

"My attorney was prepared for a full hearing and an airing of the facts under oath surrounding the multiple allegations this person has made against me," Urquhart said in a statement. "Now that the election is over, a court order is apparently no longer necessary. I continue to deny each and every bizarre allegation this person has made against me."

Urquhart is still under investigation for indecent liberties and sexual assault involving another former deputy.