Diners in Bellevue spotted an unwelcome surprise during their meal Tuesday night.

Linh Le was eating at Japonessa restaurant in Lincoln Square when she saw a mouse fall from the ceiling. She started recording as employees pushed the mouse outside.

Le said after the mouse was removed, no one from the restaurant apologized or offered to comp the meal.

But one day later, Le said the restaurant responded to an email she sent, offering to comp their meal for the inconvenience.

For her part, Le says she still plans to report what happened to the King County Health Department.

A spokesperson for the restaurant confirmed the incident and said nearby construction is probably to blame for chasing rodents into the building. The spokesperson said the restaurant is working with Bellevue Square and pest control experts to ensure there are no further incidents like this and pointed out the Bellevue Japonessa has a "Good" rating from the health department.