BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Highland Village Apartments, one of the last affordable housing options in Bellevue, is now slated for redevelopment. 76 homes will be impacted by the project. Tenants have to move out by the end of October.

The complex, which is not subsidized, will be turned into townhomes if permits are approved by the city later this summer. Residents said there is nowhere else in the area they can afford to move to, and advocates are hoping the city will help.

"If we move out and pay $1800, it's impossible," said tenant Paulo Medina, who has lived in Highland Village for 10 years and pays roughly $1100-a-month, "Everybody thinks, 'oh, you live in Bellevue. Do you live in a mansion?' We don't."

The complex currently includes more than 80 children in the Bellevue School District. A collection of non-profits are helping renters find new places to stay. Developers have also pledged to assist relocate tenants. They did not return calls Tuesday.

"I don't think they're considering, I don't think they're really seeing the big picture and how much negative effect it has on this community," said Edi Flores with Jubilee Reach, a non-profit working with the renters.

"This is real," he continued, "This is something a lot of families are struggling with."

Flores and several residents were at Bellevue city hall Monday night, asking council members to do something about the lack of affordable housing.