Josh Telling is in training to drive a big rig in Skagit County, and he's using those skills to help feed the hungry.

Before he started attending Taylor Driving School in Burlington, Telling drove a dump truck hauling dirt.

"I worked for a company that does earthwork, so it was mostly gravel, top soil, but I guess you never know from day to day," Telling said.

When training, drivers typically haul around a trailer that's empty. Telling is learning to navigate an 18-wheeler, as well as getting a lesson in philanthropy.

"It's an opportunity to do some good for a lot of people," says Ed Taylor, who owns the truck training school.

Instead of driving around with an empty trailer, Telling is hauling 40,000 pounds of produce for Northwest Harvest. All that donated food will soon to be distributed to the hungry in our area.

"Being able to help people this time of year who don't have the basic necessities, doing whatever you can to help, definitely gives me a good feeling inside," Telling said.

Taylor Driving School delivers about 250,000 pounds of food a year for Northwest Harvest -- more than 1 million pounds since Taylor started the program just over four years ago.

"It kind of started out as us using them for a training tool. The more people we put on it the more satisfaction they got out of it, so we just continued down that path," Taylor said.