SEATTLE – A local radio station is turning up the volume on issues in Seattle's Rainier Valley.

Tony Benton hosts Street Beats for Rainier Valley Radio.

“I can hear shows in different languages. I can hear narratives from folks who are sharing their experience in a way that they want to, uncensored and uninhibited,” said Benton. “It doesn't have to be every time that I hear about Rainier Valley it’s in the police blotter, you know, because there are so many amazing and wonderful things that go on in this community.”

Right now you can hear them online thanks to South East Effective Development, a group working to improve lives in that section of the city.

The goal is amplify the voices of Rainier Valley, and celebrate a community with dozens of different languages and rich culture. Currently, the programming ranges from playing music to debating politics and much more.

Rainier Valley Radio started streaming on the internet this year, and hopes to be on the FM dial by mid-2017. Learn more at