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Puyallup police take on blind Tacoma team in ‘beep baseball’

A blind baseball team from Tacoma played Puyallup police in a game of beep baseball.

Members of the Puyallup Police Department took on the Tacoma Tide, a blind baseball team, Saturday in a game of beep baseball.

“I think it’s pretty cool that they have an opportunity to do this,” said Puyallup Deputy Police Chief David McDonald. “They are so excited to have us come out and play against them, and we’re really honored that we got the challenge.”

McDonald said the invitation came out of a National Night Out event, and the Tacoma Tide challenged the police department.

Players on the Puyallup Police Department’s team wore blindfolds, and only the pitchers could see the action.

In beep baseball, the balls make noise so the batter knows when the pitch is coming. After the ball is hit, batters run towards one of two four-foot tall bases. A controller will automatically activate beeping on the base that is further from where the ball is hit for safety, and the batter will run towards that base. You score a run by reaching the base or you are out.

McDonald said the Tacoma Tide got about five or six runs, and the police department got zero.