PUYALLUP, Wash. — A Puyallup business is hoping the Florida Attorney General can help them sort out a case of mistaken identity that's costing them customers after being confused with a not-so-helpful company on the East Coast with a similar name. 

When negative reviews started regularly showing-up online for Puyallup based Apex Moving & Storage, Vice President Loretta Savage knew something was wrong.

“The alarm bells were going off,” said Savage.

Savage said 99% of their business is in Washington, but the reviews were coming from the East Coast. That’s how she realized Apex Moving in Washington was being confused with a Florida moving company with the same name.

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“We’ve heard some people tell us specifically that they thought they were hiring us. Others, had no idea there were multiple companies with the same name,” said Savage.

She spoke to her attorney who called this a case of mistaken identity. She said she’s worried the mix-up could damage her company’s reputation. Savage said all the reviews accidentally posted on their Yelp and Facebook pages about the other company have been negative.

“Every call that we get is, ‘I gave them a deposit and they haven’t shown to pick-up my stuff. They were supposed to be here yesterday and now I can’t get a hold of anyone,'" said Savage.

Puyallup's Apex Moving & Storage has been in business since 1997. Savage said concern for her business' reputation is nothing compared to the pain those customers feel 3,000 miles away.

"It makes me cry honestly. I've talked to so many customers that don't have their items and they've lost not only money but family mementos, pictures of their children," said Savage. 

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Frustration from customers recently got the attention of the Florida Attorney General. 

In December 2018, the attorney general filed a lawsuit against the owner of the moving company in North Miami. The lawsuit claims items were held “hostage” and that the defendants have “utilized unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

Savage said until something changes the best she can do is explain to customers what’s happening and hope the other Apex does its job.

“I’m hoping the Florida Attorney General, with as much research they have done, can put a stop to them,” said Savage.