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'Guns for Gift Cards Exchange' hosted by Kirkland police

The goal is to make sure unwanted guns don't end up in the wrong hands.

KIRKLAND, Wash. — For the third time this year, the Kirkland Police Department hosted a "Guns for Gift Cards Exchange" at its headquarters on Saturday.

The goal is to make sure unwanted guns don't end up in the wrong hands.

"Pretty cool idea, I would've did it for free but they're going to give us $100, it's a bonus," said George Card. 

That's the reward for gun owners turning in unwanted weapons at the "Guns for Gift Cards Exchange” at the Kirkland Police Department.

"They're old long guns that were in the closet, that the laws changed, you got to have them locked up, I don't own a gun safe, so I don't want the liability and they're safer here than at my house," said Card.

Officials with KPD said Saturday’s event is the third "Guns for Gift Cards Exchange" this year. Two previous events held over the summer saw Kirkland residents drop off more than 150 unwanted guns.

"There's a possibility of a home, a family home could be burglarized, these guns could fall into the hands of the wrong individuals, criminals if you will, that now are going to take these guns and use them for the wrong reasons," said Cody Mann, the Training Sergeant with KPD.

Mann said the gift cards range from $25 to $250, depending on the type of gun exchanged. Mann said KPD will review each gun's serial number, and unless it's found to be involved in a crime, it will be destroyed.

"We have no issues with responsible gun owners, that want to maintain their firearms, either for hobbies, for hunting or for self-defense in anyway, but this situation is more about the people that are uncomfortable with these guns or just have no use for them anymore in their house," said Mann.

Saturday's event ended with 46 guns collected, which Mann considers a huge success.

"Even if it's just one gun that's taken off the streets, that would've been used for the wrong reasons and the wrong hands, it's worth it," said Mann.

KPD officials said they also plan to do an in-person gun safety class before the end of the year.

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