Outside of the Tacoma Police Department, protesters arrived for a Black Girls Matter March.

In the crowd were people who have seen video of a Tacoma teen being pulled to the ground and tased. The video was obtained by an attorney who is representing Monique Tillman.

Tillman, age 15 at the time, was on a bicycle in May 2014. Tacoma Police Officer Jared Williams was off-duty, and working security for Tacoma Mall. According to court papers filed by Tillman's attorney, security stopped Tillman and her brother because they were causing a disturbance.

Tillman said she had done nothing wrong. For that reason, she said she did not follow security's instructions and started to ride away.

At that point, the video showed Officer Williams pulling Tillman to the ground and tasing her. Tacoma Police and Tacoma Mall said they will not comment because of the pending litigation.

Jamika Scott has seen the video, and she helped organize Monday’s event which included a demonstration at Tacoma Mall.

“There is still this blind spot when it comes to seeing black women and girls as victims of police brutality,” said Scott.

Claire Webber stood across from protesters with a sign that read, ‘Support Law Enforcement.’

“If people respect the police, they won’t have to turn to violence,” said Webber.

The ‘Black Girls Matter’ protest was peaceful, and lasted for a couple hours.