Blue skies and high temperatures mean it's time to think about pet safety.

The warmer weather can spell danger mans-best-friend. Dr. Wes Seipel from the Lien Animal Clinic in West Seattle offered advice for pet owners.

Watch for warning signs

When your dog starts panting, watch out for additional signs of fatigue. Is your dog drifting behind you? Is your dog seeking shade or refusing to chase the ball? Panting is normal for dogs - but paired with other signs of fatigue can be sure signs of overheating.

Avoid warm cars

Unless its absolutely necessary, don't bring your pet along if you know they're going to be left in the car.

Always have water handy

Bring water for your pet. A good rule of thumb - half a cup per 10 pounds. Look for collapsible containers that are easy to transport.

Read up on the breed of your pets to best understand their sensitivity to heat.