Jimmy Jones had quite the game at the end of June.

The 86-year-old shot a 68 at the Riverbend Golf Complex in Kent.

His friends say that's no easy feat.

"There's a formula that if you shoot your age, that's very very hard to do and he did it by 18 strokes," said friend Brett Boyer.

"It was a freaky thing," said Jones.

It was a record-breaking score for a golfer Jones' age at the par 72 course. His friends are quite proud of his accomplishment.

"When I'm 86, if I live that long, I hope to be able to walk, much less play golf like that."

Jones, who plays golf six days a week, said the secret to both his golf game and his long life is to constantly keep moving.

"Get off your butt and play golf, go to the gym," said Jones. "Don't quit because you're 80. Keep living."

Jones' friends are currently looking into whether his big game broke any other records.