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Port Orchard diner helps community come together after rare tornado

One of the places where people are gathering to help their neighbors after the Port Orchard tornado is a restaurant, which is serving much more than hearty meals.

A Port Orchard diner is serving up more than hearty meals after an EF-2 tornado swept through the city. 

That One Place diner is serving as a gathering place for neighbors to help and uplift each other after the tragedy.

Right after the tornado touched down Tuesday, owner Craig Kenady invited anyone impacted to sit down and eat for free at the restaurant.

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The diner has also become a donation center for clothes, blankets, food, and more.

“I've even had servers from other restaurants call and say, ‘hey can I come over’ and ‘we don’t know your system, but can we help out,’” said Kenady.

KING 5’s Ted Land visited That One Place diner Wednesday to find out why so many people in the community gather there in times like these.