As a preacher, Joe DeScala's work is heavy on words, but he believes now is a time for action.

"I feel like I've talked long enough," he said. "In order to inspire people to dream big, you have to lead by example."

DeScala is planning a mission unlike any other.

Beginning June 24, he plans to circle the entire state on foot, kayak, and bicycle.

The trip will encompass 1,300 miles in 34 days and promises to take the pastor places he's never been before both physically, mentally and spiritually.

"I'm going to try to stay focused and not think about how many more miles are in front of me and how big Washington state is," he chuckled.

DeScala was inspired to take on the grueling mission by the sudden death of a close cousin last year to a mysterious illness.

"You kind of feel this sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. You just don't know what to do," DeScala said.

DeScala is the pastor at Mended ministries, a mainly online church in Port Angeles. He says he was called into action and told to move from behind the pulpit and into the unknown.

"I literally heard God say he wanted me to pray a circle around the state of Washington," he said. "I was thinking it would be from my couch in my living room."

Far from it.
DeScala's itinerary looks like an Olympic trial of torture.

When he's on his bike, the pastor will travel some 70 miles a day.  At times, he'll run the equivalent of a marathon in a single day, followed by 20-plus mile kayak trips.

Along the way, DeScala will visit churches, reach out to those in pain and raise money for a fund benefiting orphans and widows.

"I want to let them know they're not alone. There are people in Port Angeles thinking about them and praying for them," he said.

To learn more about the journey visit DeScala's website.