SEATTLE -- More than 5 months after a natural gas explosion damaged several buildings in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, a big leap forward as a popular businesses reopens. Gorditos restaurant is a popular spot for locals who have been making memories here for decades.

Owner Shannon Hall took over the business from his parents about 7 years ago and says everyone who works there is a friend or family member. They have a special connection with their patrons and use photos of customer’s babies next to burritos as the hallmark of their décor.

Hall said they started taking the pictures about 15 years ago when a regular pointed out their child was the same size as a burrito “we stuck him next to it and that was the first baby burrito photo.”

Over the years, they’ve taken hundreds of photos and were heartbroken when a handful were damaged by the explosion. The family had offers to sell the hundred-year-old building but they were determined to open again.

“I grew up in this building I would literally do anything to keep this building standing up" Hall explained. While the building was restored, they continued paying employees so they wouldn’t be significantly impacted by the explosion.

Saturday, they announced on Facebook they were reopening and the response was tremendous. Hall says what happened in March has brought everyone together “It was amazing to see a community come together like that and how the neighborhood really did get closer over something that was so terrible.”