Seattle detectives arrested two men during a narcotics operation that yielded 13 pounds of meth, and large quantities of heroin and oxycodone. 

Over the past month, undercover detectives purchased narcotics from a 39-year-old Seattle man. On Tuesday, police arrested the dealer in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. 

Investigators searched the man's vehicle and recovered 334 grams of meth and 76 grams of heroin. They served a search warrant at his home in the 9200 block of 9th Ave. SW in West Seattle. 

At the residence, detectives recovered a duffel bag with more than 13 pounds of meth, 53 grams of heroin, and 74 oxycodone pills. 

Police also arrested a 41-year-old man at the home, in connection to the drug bust. 

Both men were booked into King County Jail on narcotics violations.