EVERETT, Wash. — Editor's note: The above video was from our initial reporting of the cat mutilations. 

Police are now saying a string of "suspicious" cat mutilations in a neighborhood in north Everett was the result of an animal attack.

Everett Animal Services started receiving complaints of dead cats near Rockefeller Avenue in June. In most cases, only the cats' limbs were recovered. 

Police initially believed the deaths were a result of other animals preying on the cats. Then they were led to believe that the limbs were removed in an "intentional manner."

On Aug. 23, police went back to their initial claims following a veterinarian's examination and necropsy of a cat. Officials now say that the cause of death was from a predatory animal, with postmortem scavenging of the body. 

With the new information, police said they do not believe a human is killing and mutilating cats. 

It's not known what animal may have killed the cats. 

Everett Animal Services recommends that cat owners leave their cats indoors so they're protected from cars, other animals and other hazards.

If cats need to be let outdoors, police said it should be for a short amount of time and owners should keep them in sight.