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Police investigating attempted luring of missing girl's sister

Police are investigating an attempted child luring in east Tacoma. Frightening for any parent to hear, but it's even worse for the victim's mother, Teresa Lewis, whose daughter Teekah was abducted 13 years ago.

TACOMA-- Police are investigatigating the attempted luring of a 14-year-old girl. She is the younger sister of Teekah Lewis, who disappeared from a Tacoma bowling alley 13 years ago.

Teresa Lewis, the girl's mother, asked KING 5 not to identify her daughter. The girl went to the Food Mart at East Fairbanks and Portland Avenue Monday afternoon, when a man pumping gas made a disturbing comment.

He asked me if I was 13 or 14, and Isaid 'yeah,' and Iasked why and he said 'because you're cute and I was going to have you come with me, says the teen.

She said she was scared because the man was a lot older than me, and ran home to tell her mom. The suspect followed her home in his car.

He passed by the house and my daughter goes 'Mom, there he goes,' says Teresa Lewis, the girl's mother. And then about 20 minutes later he came back around and drove by slowly like he was looking for her.

The incident did more than upset Lewis. Her 2-year-old daughter Teekah was abductedin 1999was never found.

I was very angry, she says. After 13 years and then another incident happens like this.

Tacoma police are investigating the attempted child luring. The suspect is a white male with dark hair, driving a maroon 1990's model sedan. Police are checking with the gas station to see if they can learn more about the suspect through surveillance video.

Teresa Lewis says she knows what the public might think.

Yes I do think they think I'm sensitive, and I'm going to be sensitive about situations like this, she says.

Few people can understand what she's been through, constantly searching for one daughter, always fighting fear and suspicion for her other daughters.

I don't know who took my child. I don't know the surroundings. I keep to myself. And I think I'm overprotective than any mother out there, says Lewis. And now this incident here is going to make me more.

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