Seattle Police arrested 42 people for open-air drug transactions near Third Avenue and Pine Street over the course of a month-long operation.

Several community concerns and complaints came to the police department, prompting narcotics detectives and West Precinct Anti-Crime Team officers to complete the operation, Seattle Police said in a statement.

Police built cases against more than 60 drug dealers, but arrested 42 since they started making arrests July 1.

The narcotics cases focused on dealers selling drugs like heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. SPD said the location is popular because of its central location and high-level of foot traffic.

“The area around Third and Pine is too often used by drug dealers as an outdoor marketplace for illegal activity,” said Downtown Seattle Association President and CEO Jon Scholes. “We’ve heard ongoing concerns from our members over the past several months and have communicated with Seattle Police about those concerns. A big move was needed to break up this persistent problem, and we appreciate SPD’s response and actions to disrupt this illegal market. Downtown should feel inviting and welcoming to all.”

In addition to the 42 arrests of dealers, detectives made new cases against 16 of them for possession of narcotics. They seized about an ounce of heroin, one half ounce of meth, and $10,000 in those cases.

Prosecutors said some cases will be referred to King County Drug Court, while others will go through traditional court.

If you're concerned about open-air drug dealing in your neighborhood, let Seattle Police know.