PITTSFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Manchester, Maine, is facing several charges after police said he was clocked at 146 mph in a 70-mph zone — more than double the speed limit.

The driver, 18-year-old Tyler Barrows, was stopped Wednesday afternoon on I-95 NB near Pittsfield.

Maine State Police Lt. Bruce Scott noted that, in his entire career in law enforcement, he had never clocked someone traveling at such a high rate of speed.

Police said Lt. Scott was on patrol when he received a report from dispatch of a "blue sports car" traveling at a high rate of speed. He asked about the delay in time, which was reported back as three minutes. Two minutes later, Scott saw a blue Dodge Neon, a vehicle police said should've taken 12 minutes to get to that point.

Lt. Scott stopped the car driven by Barrows and subsequently arrested him.

Barrows is summonsed for Class E criminal speed, failure to provide proof of insurance and failure to provide proof of inspection.