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PLU's youngest female graduate earns 2 degrees at age 16

Thurston County's Liv Coverdale was in MENSA at age 3 and began taking community college math classes at age 11.

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — Liv Coverdale, 16, will be the youngest female student to receive two degrees from Pacific Lutheran University.

“It all went by really fast,” said Coverdale, who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in business.

Being ahead of her peers in school is nothing new for the Thurston County resident.

At three she was in MENSA, the "High I.Q. Society." At five she enrolled in second grade. Coverdale started taking math classes at South Puget Sound Community College at age 11.

”It was always a little scary at first,” said Coverdale. “These kids are three years older than me and twice the height, they’re just going to think of me as the little mascot basically.”

But Coverdale quickly proved her older classmates wrong. Sometimes she said she ended up helping some of them with their studies.

Coverdale does plan on going to graduate school to get a master's in computer science, but like a lot of teens, she likes the idea of taking a gap year to enjoy a break away from school.

She might start by completing the musical she started writing earlier this year.

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