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Plankton bloom spotted in Puget Sound between Tacoma and Edmonds

Washington state Department of Ecology is sending a warning about a large plankton bloom seen in Puget Sound.

A large plankton bloom can be seen spread across Puget Sound from Tacoma to Edmonds, the Washington Department of Ecology said. 

They tweeted out photos taken from a helicopter over the non-toxic bloom. 

This bloom is earlier than usual, the department said, but last week's sunny weather provided the algae with a better environment to grow. 

The Department of Ecology advises people should not swim in the tomato soup-like water. Most blooms are harmless but toxins can make people sick if exposed to high enough levels. 

Algae is present all year, but sunshine, warm temperatures, and nutrients help contribute to large seasonal blooms. Blooms can come in varying shades of red, green, and brown. 

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