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Pierce County mom and son share their conversation about race and police

A Washington mom and her son share how they navigate serious topics like race, justice, and police.

Jacqueline Medina knows about overcoming diversity. The 30-year-old mother from University Place grew up struggling through homelessness and a cycle of foster homes. Now she works for the state and helps individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Medina welcomed her son Amar'e 8 years ago. His lungs collapsed at birth and he has been in and out of the hospital his whole life. But Amar'e has always had the same dream: to become a police officer. 

Now 2020 is putting fresh challenges and tough conversations in the spotlight. 

Medina posted on Facebook that she was struggling to find the right words to speak with her biracial son about racial justice and equity. At his young age, Amar'e has already faced racism from his peers. 

Medina is learning how to best support her son's dreams to enter law enforcement. 

“It’s all he’s ever wanted to be," she said. "From the first time they asked him in first grade what he wants to be when he grows up.... “He wants to protect and serve! He loves the police officers, he loves what they stand for!” 

Medina said while topics of racial injustice can be heavy, she remains filled with hope and optimism that her son can spark change. 

“We’ve got to do better. These little souls deserve better." 

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