SEATTLE — Some drivers and pedestrians may pay little attention to presidential campaign signs, but people in Capitol Hill Thursday couldn’t ignore an unusual, X-rated political statement about Donald Trump.

At the corner of Pike Street and 11th Avenue, steady crowds swarmed a life-size naked statue of the Republican presidential nominee. People gasped, took photos of the statue’s missing genitals for hours and questioned how the artwork ended up on the Capitol Hill street.

The anarchist collective, INDECLINE, has claimed responsibility for the Capitol Hill statue and four others that popped up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and New York City on Thursday.

The group’s latest project, “The Emperor Has No Balls,” comes several months after its members covered the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the names of African Americans killed by police.

The Seattle Donald Trump statue was removed late Thursday afternoon. Members of the INDECLINE group could not be reached for comment.

PHOTOS: Naked Donald Trump statue draws crowds in Capitol Hill