KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Through the lens of his camera, nature photographer Kevin Ebi has captured numerous videos and photographs of a group of bald eagles nesting at Heritage Park. For nearly three years, Ebi has tracked the birds.

I've probably been out here about a thousand hours, Ebi said.

Those who frequent the park are familiar with the eagles. Just this year, a fireworks show in Kirkland was moved so it wouldn't disturb the birds.

During the day, it is not uncommon to see people looking for them up in the trees along Lake Washington.

Ebi has video of the younger eagles in the nest. There is also video of the birds learning to fly.

They will just flap their wings and get a little bit of lift in the nest to kind of get a little bit of sensation of flight and they end up doing that about a month before they actually take their first flight, he said.

Ebi also captured pictures of two eagles attempting to play catch in flight.

He is in the process of putting together a book which will include many of his pictures.

To see more of Ebi's incredible video, visit his website: