Why leave your pets out of the latest tech trends? Wearables, monitors, and more gadgets make keeping your cats, dogs, rabbits or rodents, fed and cool in the summer months.

The Torus Watering System, from Heyrex, is portable for travel (with water inside even!) and keeps fresh, filtered, water always ready for your pet. A sensor monitors water level and adds fresh water as needed with a replaceable water filter. (heyrex.com)

Voyce is a health and fitness monitor for your dog. Track metrics like resting heart and respiratory rates, activity intensity, calories burned, even quality of rest and distance traveled. Track your pet's health and well-being using graphs and charts with the companion software. Voyce is $200 with a $9.50/month subscription. (voyce.com)

Do you know what your pet is really doing while you're away? With Piper NV day/night webcam, you can check in on your furry friend remotely. Additional features can be customized to provide plenty of options and scenarios. The webcam includes sensitivity controls for motion-detection to configure when you are alerted. ($280, getpiper.com)

Little Bits is a kit of customizable modules that can be easily programmed to work together. Users snap modules together to add memory, display lights, even communicate via. WiFi. Two sample projects for pets include the remote pet feeder and dog bark monitor collar. Little Bits kits start at $50 depending on the function and number of modules required. (Varies, littlebits.cc)

Petzi Treat Cam takes a webcam and remote pet feeder and puts them in one convenient gadget. The Petzi can remotely dispense treats to your pet, shows you what they're up to via. remote camera, and even allows you to talk to your animal! ($170, petzi.com)

The pooper scooper" that doesn't require... scooping! The Catch-A-Poo is a retractable handle with dog waste bag catcher that has a convenient flashlight for nighttime use. Your neighbors will thank you! The Catch-A-Poo starts at $25. (catchapoo.com)

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