Snohomish County firefighters rescued a driver and his three dogs Friday when the man lost control of his SUV and went over an embankment.

SnoCo fire said the accident happened at 212th St SE and Echo Lake Rd on Friday afternoon. Fire District 7 and Fire District 3 responded to a report of a car off an embankment into the woods. While crews were on their way, an off duty Monroe firefighter stopped to help. He found that the driver was trapped in his vehicle but was not injured.

When crews arrived they found the vehicle with trees on top and they had to cut the trees away to get to the driver. He was able to walk to the medic unit for evaluation.

The driver told the crew that his three Pomeranians were still in the vehicle. Firefighters were able to rescue all three of the dogs and get them to safety.

The diver had lost control of his vehicle when his tires caught the edge of the pavement. He was not hurt and the dogs were also fine.

“There was a happy ending to what could have been a devastating situation,” SnoCo fire said