A Fox Island couple who rescues roosters is headed to court because the crowing birds are being called a noisy nuisance that are driving the neighbors up the wall.

Shannon and Ryan Hill started an avian rescue at their home in 2016.

"A lot of times they get abandoned. They end up in cockfighting rings, and they either end up in a bust when they police take them, and they need a place to go, and we try to give them a place to live out their lives," said Ryan.

The Hills say they have about 20 roosters and say county zoning codes allow them to have the birds at their home. But last November, they received a public nuisance infraction from Pierce County Animal Control because of the crowing roosters. The Hills say their neighbors hadn't said anything to them about the noise before that.

"At that point, we drafted a letter and put it out to 10 surrounding homes explaining what we do and why we do it and why it’s important," said Shannon.

Several neighbors who didn't want to disclose their identities said the rooster noises were loud, annoying and ongoing, and even said the birds were waking them up before dawn.

The Hills are trying to fix the problem. They say they've insulated their coops and put in vents to change the direction of the noise.

"We've done everything we think we can do. If there's anything else we could do to dampen the noise we'd love to get some suggestions,” said Ryan.

They’re heading to Pierce county court to contest the violation Tuesday.

"If the noise ordinances are upheld, then more complaints could come, and we could end up financially strapped and unable to care for them if we keep getting complaints. And if we don't get rid of them, which were not going to do, then that's what’s going to happen if we don't fight it," said Ryan.

"I mean they're the world underdogs. Nobody wants them. Not many people can have them legally, and we're just trying to give them what they deserve," said Shannon.