The Pacific Whale Watch Association confirmed the sighting of a Fin whale in the Puget Sound on July 15, the second sighting of this endangered species in the inland waters of Washington State since 1930. The crew of the Chilkat Express spotted the whale a few miles northeast of Dungeness Spit, taking photographs and video of the massive creature.

Captain Mark Malleson documented the sighting of a Fin whale on July 9, and immediately rushed to the aquatic scene to confirm it was the same animal when he was alerted of a sighting by the Chilkat crew. The adult Fin whale is estimated to be between 60 and 70 feet in length and weighing 70 tons.

The animal the Chilkat crew spotted is not only endangered, but the second largest animal on earth behind the blue whale.

"This is like finding a brontosaurus in your backyard," said Michael Harris, Executive Director of Pacific Whale Watch Association.

The same crew observed a young Fin whale last September, who became lovingly known as "Finnegan," off of Smith Island.

"We're hoping this big guy is the second fin in, with plenty more to follow," said Harris.