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Oh baby! Nigerian dwarf goat births quintuplets in Seabeck

The chances are 1 in 10,000 – and it happened in Kitsap County.
Oly Ridge Clarient Blues with her five kids. (Photo: Courtesy of Tami Rainmom)

A Seabeck farm experienced a rare feat when one of their Nigerian dwarf dairy goats birthed quintuplets.

4-year-old Oly Ridge Clarinet Blues, or Clare, gave birth to five baby goats early Monday morning.

Lisa Poole, who runs Oly Ridge Farm, said goats usually have between two and four babies, but five is unusual.

The chances of goats having quintuplets is one in 10,000, according to Woodland Park Zoo animal care staff.

Poole has been raising goats for eight years, and the farm has 10 goats, not including the babies.

The babies don’t have names yet.

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