Cute alert x 2!

Woodland Park Zoo on Wednesday shared new video of their 3-week-old sloth bear cubs.

The twin sloth bear cubs were born on December 27 to mama Tasha and father Bhutan.

Right now, the public cannot view the newborn cubs since they remain in an off-view maternity den. Zoo officials say this is a critical time for mama Tasha to bond with the babies and provide uninterrupted nursing.

Caretakers are monitoring the new family via a live web cam inside the maternity den to ensure all is well.

Sloth bears are born extremely small and blind at birth, say zoo officials. They open their eyes at between 3 to 4 weeks old and can walk shortly after their eyes open. Unlike other bear species, sloth bear mothers carry cubs on their back when cubs reach about 2 months.

If all goes well, Tasha and her cubs could be on exhibit sometime in March.