Kenmore kitties Purrcival and Penelope are showing their twelfie spirit with a custom-designed and decorated catio space that reflects the passion of their owner, a longtime Seahawks fan who will be in Arizona on Sunday for his first Super Bowl.

The 7'x'6'x7' enclosed outdoor space was designed by Cynthia Chomos, the founder of Seattle's Catio Spaces. Chomos is a feng shui consultant and general contractor who applies her expertise to the creation and construction of safe outdoor enclosures for cats. Her latest installation, built by Chomos and a lead carpenter, promises to keep the two Maine coon cats safe, healthy and happy.

The Seahawks' blue and green are evident throughout the catio's "Hawkitecture," from floor to ceiling. Chomos decorated the interior with various "Spirit of 12" merchandise, including flags, a Seahawks football and game chair, a football field rug and an NFL figurine of Marshawn Lynch, the cat owner's favorite player.

In her enclosures, Chomos uses pressure treated wood framing, galvanized wire mesh walls, natural cedar shelves for climbing and perching, and a clear, lightweight weatherproof roof for year-round use.

Chomos said the Seahawks-themed catio will be part of a showcase of 10 cat enclosures that will be featured in Seattle's inaugural Catio Tour, scheduled for Saturday, May 16. The event is sponsored by Catio Spaces, PAWS and the Humane Society of the United States.

Chomos said she founded Catio Spaces to address the need for safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor enclosures to enhance a cat's life.