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Black bear caught on video roaming Issaquah streets

The bear was spotted in Issaquah on Thursday.

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Issaquah is bear country – and we are just living in it.

A black bear was spotted roaming Issaquah streets on Thursday in a video posted by the City of Issaquah.

But because this isn't Paddington 2, the city said recent reports of black bear activity in Issaquah should be a reminder to take precautions to avoid bear encounters. 

Unsecured garbage containers, pet food and birdfeeders can attract hungry bears in the spring and summertime, the city said in a bulletin.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has the following tips to prevent conflicts between bears and humans:

  • Never intentionally feed bears or other wild animals.
  • Keep garbage cans in a garage or another secure area until collection day.
  • Remove pet food from areas accessible to wildlife.
  • Thoroughly clean barbecue grills after each use.
  • Take down seed and hummingbird birdfeeders until winter.
  • Clean up fallen fruit.

And if you encounter a bear WDFW advises you to do the following:

  • Don't run.
  • Pick up small children.
  • Stand tall, wave your arms above your head and shout.
  • Do not approach the animal and be sure to leave it an escape route.
  • Try to get upwind of the bear so that it can identify you as a human and leave the area.

City officials said there are two state laws prohibiting food or food waste in places where it can attract bears or other wild carnivores. Unintentionally or“negligently” feeding bears can bring a fine of $87. The fine for intentional feeding can reach as high as $1,000, according to city officials.


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